What does your heart beat for?

We exist to share the truth and love of Jesus Christ because in him is life in all its fullness.

In the last year we have come so far as a church, and now we look to the new opportunities ahead of us.

Jericho Taken

Last year, we declared that completing the ARISE Centre in the Hutt Valley was our Jericho. It was our first big challenge which would unlock all God has for us.

Now that we have opened the ARISE Centre, we have taken Jericho!

Israel Ahead

Because of your support we are in a greater season of opportunity than ever before. We are now positioned on a new platform – a launching pad that enables us to stretch out in directions to make a greater difference in out communities and nation.

This Expansion Offering is an extension of our hearts towards seeing people find Jesus and be impacted by His love. This is a time when we are stirred to believe for more, when we, as a church, take leaps of faith to enlarge our impact in New Zealand and beyond.

ARISE Building Fund

We are actively seeking opportunities to build and expand the local church.

The ARISE Centre, our Jericho, is only the first of many buildings. We have paid off a miraculous $5.8M towards the construction of the ARISE Centre with $1.4M left to pay. Our goal is to ensure our church is prepared to respond to opportunities that will help us to construct buildings that will empower our campuses in the years to come.

For this reason, we are passionate about our building fund. We want to be ready to respond to land and building opportunities in Christchurch, Hamilton, Wellington City, Whangarei, Dunedin and Kapiti. We are already seeing multiple opportunities in many locations around New Zealand.


We have a heart for community outreach and meeting the needs of the poor and vulnerable.

Formerly known as ‘Community Outreach’, we are relaunching this area with a new name: ARISE Care. ARISE Care enables us to shine God’s light and love into the darkest places in our nation and beyond. As we head into this next season, there are six areas of care that we believe are biblical mandates and require our focus:

The poor, the widow, the orphan, the sick, the refugee and the imprisoned.

We are preparing to respond to these needs with sustainable initiatives outworked over the course of the next five years.

ARISE Ministry School

Empowering, equipping and releasing a new wave of ministers & leaders into their God-given circles of influence.

The ARISE Ministry School is designed to be a training centre where students grow in faith, expand in their knowledge of the bible and develop their character and leadership.

We see a Ministry School where the gifts and talents of every person are fostered and released, and where dreams of making a difference for God can come alive. Through our Ministry School we will raise up leaders who will become catalysts of change, and life-long builders of the Church of New Zealand and beyond. Your giving will fund the training of a new generation of leaders.

ARISE Empower

We desire for every church to thrive and bring hope to people with the message of Jesus.

ARISE Empower is our work with other churches across New Zealand and beyond to empower and strengthen them to make a difference in their community.

We want pastors to be readily equipped to build the body of Christ. We can make this easier by providing Life Group curriculum, service resources, kids program plans, leadership training, and an open source database to track the health of their congregation.